Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pause on College Life

Last time I posted I was still in the midst of my adventurous BYU life. Now I am sitting at my kitchen table back home in good old KANSAS. Having my mom close to me again makes me a lot more productive. I mowed the lawn, vacuumed and washed the van, babysat 4 of my nieces (2 of which are newborn twin girls!), turned in a job application, did some laundry, and now I'm wasting time on my computer. Phew. I am tired.

Aside from that my freshman year at BYU was absolutely fabulous. College is something that cannot be put into words. It is seriously a totally different world. It's so great. Those who are at a college or have been, you know what I'm talking about.

So now I am living at home for the summer and putting my college life on pause. Definitely weird to be back home and back to my other life. It was way more difficult to say goodbye than I thought. I cried my eyes out when I had to say goodbye to EMILY ATWOOD and RYAN HAMMAR. Especially since I won't be seeing Ryan for a couple of years since he's going to NEW ZEALAND for his church mission! Allie Jensen is also in that group...but we live like a mile away from each other. :)
On our last night together...ever :(
So now I'm just living it up...at home. My family is moving to St.Louis at the end of June so I will be helping out a ton with that! I am excited though. This summer will be a nice break from all the school and crazy stuff. But with all this free time now I plan on making new recipes and crafts and things, so I will make sure to post  my new finds and discoveries. 

But in closing, here is a video from our last night together. We thought it would be fun to record the crazy things we do...haha. Basically this video defines my freshman year (not!) of boys chasing after me. What can I say??? All the boys love me ;)


  1. Bahaha I love it. :) And I love you!!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Thought the video was a nice touch...makes me laugh everytime. :)