Saturday, November 24, 2012

College life = AWESOME SAUCE's been about 3 months since I've posted anything. Guess that just shows how busy I've been enjoying my COLLEGE LIFE!!!!!! And so much has happened I think it would take years to talk about it all. So maybe I will just give you the highlights of my almost perfect life. :)         
Allie and me on our first day of college!
                                                                                       So the first thing is that I live with my best friend, Allie. How great is that? We have never had a fight to this day and every day for us = a party. No lie. We've gotten...very close since we've been roomies. We don't get a ton of sleep either cuz we can talk for hours. Legitimately.  

Eating PB with chocolate chips at midnight for my bday!
The next thing is that I love my roommates! I would say we get along pretty well considering living in a dorm with 6 girls! We like to have random dance parties and we love baking and cooking and eating food together. On my birthday (I turned 19 in October btw...) we waited until midnight the night before my birthday to start the celebrations. We had a dance party and ate spoonfuls of peanut butter in my honor. :) Is it possible to have too much fun?                                                                                                                                                                         

Allie and me at a BYU Football game!
                                                                             Yet another exciting thing is all the sports events!! They                            are so dang exciting. When you are surrounded by all the other students you just can't help but scream and cheer for your team. We LOVE going to the football and basketball games. Basketball is probably my favorite. Allie and I usually go to the football games with our friend Cameron from back home, but for the basketball games we go with our new friends from our ward.                                                                                                       

My friends and I at a Halloween Dance! We were pretty awesome.

Probably the greatest part of college life is making all these new friends. Aside from hanging with roommates and my friends from back home, Allie and I have become extremely close with this girl named EMILY ATWOOD!! She is the greatest. Us three (Allie, Emily, and I) have already decided to be roommates next year in an apartment! :) So exciting. Our friends we refer to as "72" or "the boys." These guys (Ryan, Dane, and Nate) are pretty dang awesome too. We literally hang out almost every day with 72 and Emily...we've kinda become each other's pseudo families. We are super tight, and I will really miss the boys when they leave on their missions. :( But I will definitely be writing them when they leave! 

Basically my life is full of adventures and all I ever wanna do is have fun. Sadly, I'm here at college to go to school and do homework. Bleh. Homework. It never ends!!!!!! Somehow I am able to juggle school, work, church, friends, and family. I think I may put more emphasis on friends... :) 

Hopefully I will be able to get back into my blogging habits...but who knows. I'll do my best. 


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  1. loved the update sis! (even though I knew it all already :))