Thursday, May 30, 2013

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I am currently lying on the bottom bunk at my cousin Laura's house in St. Louis. Yes. I am in St. Louis! But no, we have not moved yet. My family and I are just trying to find a place to live!! Sheesh. It's quite aggravating. From the business standpoint, this is definitely a seller's market right now. Definitely not a buyer's market. So to say the is basically impossible to find a place to live. Real fun.

BUT I am trying to enjoy myself at least a little while I am here visiting. Today my mom, Sarah, my cousin Laura, and I went shopping at the mall. Of course I had to buy something. It's not a shopping trip unless you buy something. I think the highlight was us buying matching pants from H&M. They are black Aladdin-like pants. They are sick. Probably the comfiest things I've ever put on. Pretty remarkable. I was hoping to spend some time poolside while I'm here and not having to work, but it's been cloudy and probably not. Oh well.

Tomorrow night I'm pretty stoked because I'm going to this sweet ice cream place called Fritz's with my family. So dang excited. It has become a tradition between our two families to always go there when we are in town. Now that we are going to live here though...I wonder if we will go often???

Other than these few days in MO my life is not all that exciting. I work a lot at good ole Orange Leaf with the lovely frozen yogurt. Not much excitement there. I do get to be with my adorable nieces and nephew a lot, so that's fun (my four nieces in Kansas are in the pictures). And my beautiful sister Ashley (who is pregnant with her own little girl) just visited and her husband Pierre came later. That was wwaaayyy fun to be with them.

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