Saturday, October 25, 2014

Like a Dream

As I promised last week, I'm gonna fill you in on my road trip to Colorado from last week. The fact that I showed up was supposed to be a complete surprise for my sister Ashley. She thought only Chelsea, another one of my sisters, was coming. However, she thought it was so weird that I wasn't planning on coming, so she kind of suspected something. It was still a surprise nonetheless. And yes, I tried to capture the actual event of me surprising her in this video. It didn't work out too well haha.
I think you get the gist of what happened though. It was a joyous reunion. We even made the cutest wreaths for all of our homes. Mine is a cute Christmas one--gotta have those holiday decorations! Probably one of my favorite parts about the trip was spending time with my niece Zoe. She is literally the cutest thing on this planet. Zoe has the greatest personality and is such a well-tempered baby. Here's a video of her climbing on me one morning while I was still waking up. The cutest. 
I was so sad to leave on that Sunday. The trip was waaaay too short. It was so nice to just relax, do whatever we wanted, and hang with some of my sisters. It would have been even better if our fourth sister, Sarah, was there. Then it would have been the perfect weekend. We can't have everything in life I guess. Overall, the road trip was much needed, and I'm so glad I went. 


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  1. Bah! Come back! What a fun surprise you were last weekend. And I love that video of Zoe. Love ya! Ash