Friday, October 3, 2014

All Grown Up

For some reason, the past few weeks of school have felt like I've been forced to grow up. Not that I am any more grown up than I was before, but I feel like I've had to make more mature decisions. Yesterday I was encouraged to visit the Career Fair at BYU to talk to companies about getting an internship for next summer. I'm gonna be honest here: doing an internship terrifies me! I'm only (almost) twenty-one and I already have to go work in the big bad world! WHAT?! It doesn't seem real. I remember my older brother Brandon did one when I was still in grade school, but he was married and had two kids already! But what do you do? I know it will be such a great experience whatever I end up doing. I can't decide if I want to stay in Utah, go do one back home in St. Louis, or go somewhere totally random! The companies that seemed the most promising at the Career Fair have internships located in Utah, so from that perspective, I guess I'm staying here. But I'm not gonna let myself freak out today, I'm going to yet another BYU football game tonight! We are playing Utah State so it should be a good one.

Meanwhile, enjoy my favorite Miranda Sings video. She's great.


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